Rasayana (The Science of Rejuvenation) 


There are various methods of rejuvenation treatments one can embark on. Nonetheless, there are also a number of steps we can take to include Rasayanas into our busy and over-stimulated daily lives, as a full Rasayana program can be highly costly.

Simple steps such as the practice of being Mindful as we go about our days, by watching over our thoughts and emotions,
Being more aware of the food we eat, our digestion and elimination,
Being physically active, not necessarily hours of treadmills, though a stroll in a park or walking up escalators can be highly beneficial,

Having regular Ayurvedic Abyanghan or therapeutic massages, followed by Rasayana herbal preparation, which are not only rejuvenative but also adaptogenic, which will assist us on our overloaded (mental-emotional-physical) daily lives, by offering protection against stressor factors. So that, we are more vital and capable of coping, without sparing our overall health, instead giving our body the tools of preserving it.

Rasayanas can slowly become an integrated part of our daily routines, leading us to a healthy long life journey, as it’s all about adapting opposed to forcing!

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